Women’s Spandex

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womens spandex

Women’s spandex is a women’s spandex fabric that can help you achieve a flattering fit, reduce sweat, and increase mobility. It’s available in a variety of styles from casual to athletic. Whether you’re looking for a pair of tights that will give your legs a smooth, streamlined look or spandex leggings that will stretch with you while you move, these items can help you feel confident and powerful in the gym, during a run, or even when you slide into a tackle on the field.

In addition to its elasticity, this synthetic fabric is lightweight, soft, and durable. It also resists wrinkles and odors, and it can be combined with other fabrics to add stretch and warmth. It’s also a popular choice for sportswear and medical garments. It’s important to note that while elastane is a natural-looking fabric, it will not biodegrade. Safe disposal and limited washings are the only ways to mitigate its environmental impact.

Move with Confidence: Embrace Your Workouts with Women’s Spandex Activewear

Spandex is made from two types of prepolymers. One, called maroglycol, has hydroxyl groups on both ends. The other, diisocyanate, has a rigid side chain that gives the fiber strength. These prepolymers are mixed with other chemicals and formed into strands, which are then woven together to create the final product.

Although DuPont carries the lion’s share of the world’s spandex capacity with its Lycra brand, other fiber makers have reached out to take a piece of the action. These include Fall River, Mass.-based Globe Manufacturing, maker of Glospan and Cleerspan spandex, and Bayer Corp., the U.S. affiliate of Germany’s Bayer, which makes Dorlasten brand spandex.

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