What Does a Dentist Do?

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Dentists perform clinical procedures, such as exams, fillings, crowns and implants, to identify, diagnose and treat oral conditions. They also educate their patients on maintaining and restoring their oral health.

They are also involved in Dentist in PJ research to learn about new ways of diagnosing and treating oral disease. They may also use X-rays to see what is going on inside their patient’s mouth.

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Their job is not to make them feel pain but to get rid of it and improve their oral health so they can have a nice smile to show off at work or social gatherings. They can also give a boost to their self-confidence so they can smile more freely without worrying about being self-conscious.

They can also help their patients save money and avoid costly and dangerous surgeries by teaching them about proper brushing and flossing habits. They can even offer them medication to take if they are feeling pain.

They are also great team players, working closely with assistants, hygienists and lab technicians to ensure the best care for their patients. They can choose to work two or five days a week and enjoy the flexibility of setting their own hours. They can earn a good salary and have a great work-life balance.

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