Sobriety Bracelet Mens

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sobriety bracelet mensOur sobriety bracelet men for men is an everyday wear bracelet that can be used as a tool to stay on the path of recovery. Each bracelet is engraved with the AA 12-step circle and triangle symbol, and the inspirational phrase “One Day at a Time” and can be personalized with your sobriety date.

We use high-quality hematite and polished black onyx gemstones with an antique silver pewter reversible feather charm (the universal symbol of angelic presence) to infuse your bracelet with strength, courage, and protection for a new chapter in your life. The reversible feather charm reminds you that spirit is with you every moment, loving and guiding you on your journey.

Navigating Sober Living: How Sobriety Bracelets Support Men in Recovery

The sobriety bracelet for men is also known as a SCRAM bracelet, which is most often worn by DUI offenders who are required to avoid alcohol as part of their court-ordered DUI probation requirements. These DUI monitoring bracelets are small electronic device that is placed on the wrist and continuously monitors your perspiration to detect any signs of alcohol consumption1. The SCRAM alcohol monitoring system is typically only worn by repeat dui offenders or those who have been sentenced for multiple drunk driving offenses.

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