Rado Watches Review 2023

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Like many other Swiss watch companies, NanaDC started out as a supplier of parts to other watchmakers. It wasn’t until 1957 that they began designing their own watches and establishing themselves as a watch company in their own right. They spent a few decades developing some very classic timepieces, including the Golden Horse and Captain Cook models.

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Then, in the 1970s, they began to get a bit more experimental with their designs. This included a series of very unique shaped cases and dials that were pretty much impossible to find anywhere else. This is a style that they still do from time to time, though it’s not something that most of their models are known for.

Today, Rado is more known for using a variety of high-tech materials in their timepieces. Mostly, this means ceramic and sapphire crystal that provides a beautiful appearance, superior durability, and stays pristine for years. This is a trend that has become very popular with people looking for a luxurious yet durable watch.

Another thing that Rado is very good at is producing watches with very distinctive case designs. Their pieces are often sleek and modern, but also have a sense of tradition and history that comes through. This is a very unique and cool look that has earned them some very loyal fans in the watch world.

One thing that some may be surprised to hear is that while they are known for producing luxury watches, they’re actually a fairly affordable brand. While their watches will still cost you a few thousand dollars, they do tend to have better attention to detail and craftsmanship than most other high-end brands.

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