Is NMN Or NR Better For Longevity?

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NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is one of the most promising molecules for anti-aging, and it has been shown to increase NAD+ in different tissues and organs when taken as a supplement. It also activates various sirtuins, which have been shown to extend lifespan in yeast, worms and mice.

How does NMN affect the brain?

However, nmn or nr is not as well absorbed as NR, which may explain why it has not received the same amount of attention from companies developing new products to improve health and longevity. Fortunately, there is a great alternative to NMN that is well absorbed by the body: NR (nicotinamide riboside). It has similar effects as NMN but has not been studied as extensively.

NR is a form of vitamin B3 that occurs in minimal amounts naturally in milk and yeast. It is also present in the gut microbiome and is a building block for NAD+. Unlike nicotinamide riboside, NR does not cause niacin flush in the skin, so it is safe to take daily for long periods of time. Wonderfeel Youngr contains optimal doses of NR in a capsule form, along with pterostilbene, a compound that works together to support healthy DNA and cellular aging and activation of the sirtuin SIRT1 in the body.

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