How Long Can Kombucha Be Left Unrefrigerated?

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how long can kombucha be left unrefrigerated

Generally, kombucha is best eenmalig incassobureau inschakelen kept refrigerated at all times – even when you aren’t brewing it. The culture and sugar can start to die at temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (or 18degC), and warm temperatures will encourage the fermentation process resulting in extra carbonation. Too much carbonation can make kombucha taste vinegary, and over-fermented kombucha can have a very unpleasant smell.

Refrigeration slows the fermentation down to a point where the acidity and alcohol levels remain stable. The lactic acid bacteria are also inhibited from producing unhelpful bacteria, which may cause the drink to develop mold or taste bad. When left out at room temperature, however, the kombucha will likely continue fermenting, and it could lose some of its sweetness and vinegar-like flavour, as well as become more fizzy.

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The longer kombucha stays out of the fridge, the faster it will degrade in quality. The most noticeable sign of this is a change in the flavour, which can be quite drastic. If you notice your kombucha is tasting less fresh, or has developed an unpleasant vinegar-like smell, it’s definitely time to throw it out. Store-bought kombucha often has a best before date on the bottle, and while it’s safe to consume after that date, it’ll be far from its freshest tasting self.

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