Arizona Process Server Certification

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When you are trying to sue someone, start a divorce or even get child support there will be times when you need to have legal papers served to them. A Mesa process server will be responsible for tracking down the person and legally serving them with their court documents. This can include contacting them face to face, giving them the documents and notarizing an Affidavit of Service that verifies that they have received the papers.

How much does it cost to serve someone in Arizona?

The state of Arizona requires that any private arizona process server be certified. The certification is done through the Superior Court in each county. The clerk’s office is responsible for administering the certification exam, processing the application materials and keeping certification records. Additionally, the clerk’s office is responsible for handling complaints against process servers.

Arizona law SS 12-3301 and Rule 4 Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure provides that individuals who are awarded certification as private process servers may serve process for any court in the state of Arizona. However, the person who is attempting to serve the process must first obtain an authorized fingerprint card from the county sheriff’s office.

The law also states that any private process server must provide documentation to the court if the service is refused or waived. This documentation must include a clear reference to the county in which the private process server is registered.

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