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Life Leadership Coaching Vancouver Aren Bahia

Aren Bahia, founder of Karma House Bali and Conscious Arts Tattoos, is a Canadian entrepreneur/philanthropist who’s lived a “full spectrum life”. He’s grown up in Vancouver where he dealt drugs and organized crime and travelled to Asia to experience spiritual development. Since settling in Bali in 2016, Aren has launched 4 businesses and raised tens of thousands of dollars for underprivileged and mentally disabled Balinese children.

A local businessman, expat and yogi, Aren’s journey began after a visit to Ubud inspired by his love of Eat, Pray, Love. After trading Hennessy shots for wheatgrass, he opened two of Bali’s most beloved centres for art, tattoos and community bonding.

Yoga and meditation were the catalysts for Aren’s spiritual transformation that led to a new beginning. His new lifestyle focused on a philanthropic mission to make the world a better place and help people find their own purpose, happiness and peace.

The Role of Resilience in Leadership: Insights from a Leadership Coach

Full Reset Coaching: Aren’s signature program, this is a guided program working either 1-on-1 or in groups to find your purpose and create abundance. It includes assessments and homework to learn about yourself: values, strengths and default communication style.

Leadership Coaching: Aren’s specialized coaching is perfect for new executive, management or supervisory positions or if you are starting to change your career path. It helps you establish a clear leadership style that will drive results and build relationships.

Aren is a former global leader and CEO who has earned respect from employees, customers and peers throughout his corporate career. He is a strong advocate of team accountability and strategic execution.

Life & Leadership Coaching – Aren Bahia Coach


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